Where2Load helps your customers find the best place
to pay their bill quickly and easily in person.

Where2Pay Features

Where2Pay is the best way for your customers to find a walk-up payment location—allowing them to pay their bill with cash.

The Where2Pay locator is the industry's first consolidated and fully aggregated walk-in payment network locator.

Sub-Second Search

For the fastest search queries available. We have built the Where2Pay locator to with an emphasis on speed—results are returned in microseconds and the page display is light and fast.

Geotagging and Caching

We have built in ways to speed up Where2Pay every time it's used — from batch geotagging our entire databases every time we do a new store list import to caching all searches performed. Cacheing all searches (longitude and latitude) means that the first person that searches for zip code 90210 and pulls all the results gets his results fast, but the next person who searches for 90210 gets their results even faster as all the returns are ready and waiting to be displayed.

Anywhere Bar Anywhere Bar

The anywhere search bar is designed to get you the information you need as quickly as possible without a bunch of options to fiddle with. It's a locator, not an airplane cockpit.

Results Details

Results are returned in a location list of the 10 nearest places, automatically sorted by bill pay fee — lowest to highest. From there a customer can open a window to view details about a location including:

Searched By / Address

Searched By / Address

Search criteria and address of walk-in payment network are repeated in the detail view.

  Map to Location

Map to Location

Clicking this icon will display a map with driving directions from the search result to the walk-in payment network location

Location Phone

Location Phone

The location phone number, or the customer service number for the walk-in payment network, are listed and customers are encouraged to call before they go to ensure information is accurate.


Send a Text to my Mobile

Clicking this icon will popup a little form asking for the customer's mobile phone and carrier. A text is sent immediately with the store name, address and phone number.

Bill Payment Fee

Bill Payment Fee

The bill payment fee is listed on the details page as well as on the results page.


Send to my Email

Clicking this icon will popup a little form asking for the customer's email address. An email is sent immediately with the store name, address, phone number and all the details we have on that location—including bill pay instructions.

Bill Payment Fee

Bill Payment Instructions

Customer instructions for each Biller paired with each Walk-in Payment network give customers all the information they need to make a payment in one place, including customer service numbers the biller and walk-in payment network.


Send to Print

Clicking this icon will open a print dialog box to send a pre-formatted page to the customer's printer with the store name, address, phone number and all the details we have on that location—including bill pay instructions.

Payment Velocity

Payment Velocity

How fast a payment will post to the account is listed. There is also an option to sort by velocity if having a payment delivered quickly is more important than other search criteria.


Street View

Clicking this icon will reload the Map to show a street view of the walk-in payment network. We leverage the power of Google Maps to keep information accurate and up to date.

Open Today

Open Today / Open Tomorrow

The time the walk-in payment network is open today, this also includes a countdown timer to let you know how long you have to get there before they close.

The time the walk-in payment network is open tomorrow and also includes the complete hours list for that location.



Customer Service Plugin

The Where2pay Customer Service Plugin is the perfect way to add walk-in payment lookups to your Customer Service or Collections Department. With the same functionality of our web application the Customer Service Plugin is tailored to get information to your reps quickly with as few clicks as possible. Once they have the information they can easily send it to the customer they are on the phone with via text or email.


We store all search and result data so you know how many searches were performed, how many impressions per walk-in payment network were displayed, which locations received more information clicks, what was sent via text or email and more. Knowing what is happening gives you the best opportunity to make informed business decisions. We display key analytics on our Client Dashboard with advanced Data Visualization—but if you want to slice and dice your data or import it into your own tools we provide a raw data feed. We think your data is your data and we don't lock it behind a proprietary system.