Where2Load helps your customers find the best place
to pay their bill quickly and easily in person.

Where2Pay Benefits

Fuze Network is a group of Industry Leaders dedicated to creating Innovative Applications that create value to all participants in the flow of payments. Where2Pay benefits you and your customers in the following ways:

Photos of people using bill payments

Creating Customer Confidence — so your customers enjoy their walk-in payment experience.

Knowing how to make a payment, where to go and even what the front of the store looks like helps customers who may be unfamiliar with making in person payments feel prepared and confident.

Better Customer Experience — so your customers know you care.

Partnering with Where2Pay gives your customers more options to pay their bill — be that more locations, locations that better fit their schedules or locations with lower bill pay fees that they may not have known about.

Save Money on Paper Processing Fees & Increase Collections

Billers can drastically cut down on the number of paper payments that are mailed to their office by sending people to a walk-in payment network versus sending a money order. And with more options to pay a bill using cash you can increase the ability of certain market segments to pay their bill.

Stretch your Marketing Dollar

Where2pay connects customers, walk-in payment networks and billers—through our unique partnership strategy walk-in payment networks benefit from biller supported awareness and billers benefit by adding payment locations.

Better Business Decisions

Could adding Where2Pay increase your collections for certain market segments? Can you save time in your call center or collections department by giving them the tools to find and send payment locations? We believe you can and we have created a robust Analytics platform to help you gauge and make those decisions.